English conversation - Themes

These lessons are suitable for both in-person and online learning. Lessons are based on individual themes and usually include texts and/or exercises for grammar, vocabulary, language use, etc. They are therefore more than just a way to practice you speaking and listening skills; they also help you revise and improve your general English skills.

Pure conversation

These lessons do not use any example texts or exercises. Materials used are only for immediate conversation - examples include pictures, storyboards, newspaper headlines, interview practice from the student's resume, etc. Pure conversation lessons can also be done with no materials.

Revision exercises / workbook exercises / testing exercises

Revision exercises and guided testing helps students to strengthen the English skills they have already learned. If there are any problems, the teacher can immediately help and remind the student of any necessary grammar/structure/usage etc. The list of available test lessons gives details of what each test revises and at which level. The advantage of using a test as a lesson is that it allows for immediate correction with help from the teacher and any revision needs can be identified and acted upon.


Here is a list of themes which are presently available:

Animal rights
Anxiety and depression
Are we all criminals?
Begging and homelessness
Bribery and corruption
Children and discipline
Do you drive?
Do you spoil your kids?
Ever eaten dog
Gay families
Giving to charity
Holidays from hell
Immigration and racism
Incredible stories
Is it right to eat meat
It should be banned
Killed by a flying duck
Legalizing drugs
Marriage for better or worse
Naming and shaming
Neighbours from hell
Not my type
Old enough to be her grandfather
Politically incorrect jokes
Revenge is sweet
Sex for sale
Sexual harassment
The right to die
Things that go bump in the night
To tip or not to tip
Turning the other cheek
Why get married